• Specialist Feeds

    Compound and coarse mixes designed to meet the challenges of modern farming

  • Innovation For Equines

    British Horse Feeds, a range of award winning equine feeds sold throughout the world.

  • Micronized Feeds

    A range of top quality Micronized cereals and pulses for the pet and equine feed industry.

Welcome to I'Anson Brothers

I'Anson Brothers Ltd is one of the United Kingdom's leading manufacturers of animal feedstuffs and has been serving farmers in Yorkshire and the North of England since 1900. We pride ourselves on delivering a highly professional service with a personal touch.

We offer:


  • High Quality Compound Pelleted Feed
  • In-depth knowledge of the nutrition requirements of all livestock, backed up and fully supported by our technical sales team.
  • Advanced feed formulation technology
  • Custom Mix Ration Plant
  • Grain and Pulse purchasing through our 'Crops to Cash Scheme

From Cattle cobs to Lamb pellets and everything in between, animal feeds from I'Ansons offer unrivalled quality at highly competitive prices.

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Golden Blend Coarse Rations

The Golden Blend range of coarse rations from Iā€™Anson Brothers provides guaranteed quality, as well as supreme performance and digestibility for your livestock.

Golden Blend rations are quality coarse mixes specially formulated and ideal for pedigree stock and rearing. Produced to a fixed formulation using only the highest quality raw materials including a high percentage of our own Micronized products specifically designed to improve digestibility and nutrient absorption.