Beef Cattle Feed
Whether your farming business is in calves, rearing or pedigree stock, of any breed, we have a product for you.

I'Anson beef cattle feeds offer premium nutritional quality, are highly digestible, and are developed to keep pace with the latest industry and scientific recommendations for improving nutritional status and yields.

Some of our most popular specialist products for beef cattle include...
Coarse Rations

These are visually appealing and high in nutritional content, they combine all the benefits of pellet and micronized feeds with additional unprocessed ingredients such as alfalfa.

Products include:

● Alfalfa Calf
● GoldenBlend Calf 18
● GoldenBlend Pedigree Beef
● GoldenBlend Flakey 253
● GoldenBlend Rearer 179

Other GoldenBlend and Diamond Mix rations are available for cattle.

Pelleted Products

These allow many raw materials to be combined in relatively small quantities to create a well-balanced feed.

Products include:

● Calf Early Weaner Pellets
● Calf Rearing Nuts
● Beefeater + Diamond V XP
● Beefeater Nuts
● Cattle Cobs
● Cattle Grow 18
● Ruminuts
● Fast Finisher
● High Gain Pellets
● Matrix Nuts
● Nutri Nuts

Other pelleted products are available.

Micronized products can offer better nutritional value than feeding the same materials uncooked. This is because the gelatinisation of starch molecules during the cooking process increases available energy and improved digestibility (particularly beneficial in starter diets for young animals such as calves).

Cooked barley has been proven by our customers to improve performance and finish on beef cattle.