Sheep and Lamb Feed
I'Anson ewe and lamb feed diets have been carefully formulated to ensure a high level of digestible protein and are reviewed regularly to incorporate up-to-date nutritional science.

High lambing percentages, depending upon breed and geography, are only achievable with the correct level of nutrition. Our specialist sheep feed products for lambs, tups and ewes include coarse rations, pelleted products, and micronized products, the latter of which can be ideal for lambs in particular, who require special starter diets.

Our most popular specialist products for sheep include:
Coarse rations

These are visually appealing and high in nutritional content. They combine all the benefits of pellet and micronized feeds with additional unprocessed ingredients such as alfalfa

Products include:

● GoldenBlend Ewe 16 and 18
● GoldenBlend Ewe Balancer for feeding with your own cereals
● Alfalfa Lamb
● GoldenBlend Lamb 18
● GoldenBlend Tup 16
● GoldenBlend Flakey 253
● GoldenBlend Rearer 179

Other GoldenBlend and Diamond Mix rations are available for all types of sheep, lambs and gimmers.

Pelleted products

which allow many raw materials to be combined in relatively small quantities to create a well-balanced feed

Products include:

● Endurance Ewe 18 Nuts and Cobs
● Ewe XG Nuts and Cobs
● Premium Ewe 16 and 18 both in Nuts and Cob form
● Super Energy Nuts and Rolls
● Intensive Lamb Starter Pellets
● Complete Lamb 18 Pellets
● Elite Lamb 16 and 18 Pellets
● Ruminuts
● Fast Finisher
● Lamb Fattening Nuts
● Activate Lamb Nut

Other pelleted products are available.