For more detail on our animal products, check out some of the questions we are commonly asked.

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Pelleted Products

Which animals are pelleted feeds suitable for?
Pelleted feeds are suitable for all classes of livestock.

What are pelleted feeds made from?
The pellets are made up of many raw materials, combined in relatively small quantities to create a more palatable and nutritionally balanced feed. Our pelleted feeds only contain natural, highly digestible proteins and energy sources include our own micronized products. Micro-additions of high value minerals and additives can also be evenly incorporated and distributed throughout the mix.

Why should I choose pellets?
Pellets are an excellent way of delivering high quality balanced nutrition to animals, either as a complete feed or as a component in a diet. Pelleted feeds are also more palatable and easy to consume, ensuring livestock receive a nutritionally balanced diet.

Do you ever alter the feed formulas?
We regularly review formulations to keep pace with scientific research for improving nutritional status and yields, but do not regularly or routinely re-formulate the diets. Changes are only made to improve the diets when the science and research suggests that we should.

Coarse Rations

Which animals are coarse rations suitable for?
Coarse rations are suitable for calves, rearing and pedigree beef cattle, lambs, sheep, goats and dairy cattle.

What are coarse rations made from?
A coarse ration, or coarse mix, can combine straight raw materials, pellets and micronized flakes to create a muesli-like product that is visually appealing, highly palatable and rich in nutritional content. The rations are highly digestible due to the inclusion of a large percentage of I'Anson’s own quality micronized products.

Is there more than one type of coarse rations?
We offer an extensive range of coarse ration products catering to a wide variety of animals. There are many grades of coarse mixtures available, from a simple blend, to the fully processed rations produced at I’Anson that include the addition of liquids and minerals in a controlled batch process and mixing plant. Raw materials are carefully controlled to ensure batch traceability at all times.

Micronized Feeds

Who are micronized feeds suitable for?
Specialist micronized cooked products from Masham Micronized Feeds – a division of I’Anson Brothers Ltd – are ideal for customers who prefer to feed 'straights' and are suitable for a wide range of diets, particularly for young animals.

What is micronized feed made from?
Customers can choose from a wide selection of micronized, flaked or ground cereals and pulses in bags, bulk and mini-bulk. Mixed flakes and custom mixes are also available on request.

What is micronizing?
Micronizing is the name given to a cooking process that uses infrared rays to cook cereals and pulses at lower temperatures and for shorter times than other heating methods. Gas burners are used to generate the infrared rays that are absorbed by the products. The raw materials are passed under the burners on variable speed belts to achieve the desired level of cook. The product is then passed through a roller mill to create flakes. These flakes can be used whole or ground into a meal.

What are the benefits of micronized feeds?
Micronized feeds offer improved nutritional value over feeding the same materials uncooked. Increased available energy and improved digestibility are both achieved due to the gelatinisation of starch molecules during the cooking process which is particularly beneficial in starter diets for young animals and poultry.

As well as providing an excellent source of highly available nutrients for a finished diet, micronized flakes also contribute aesthetically to the product’s appearance. When used in a coarse ration, micronized flakes add vibrant colours and texture to the mix and provide a more natural look than coloured extrusions.

For more information, visit our ingredients division’s website, Masham Micronized Feeds (click the logo below).